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The first post of Affiliate Agendas R Us will be more of an explanation of what happened to the old site/blog.  You know, the one that all of my faithful supporters (both of them) followed with a passion that could only be attributed to the cheap whiskey that they drink.

Perhaps it was the same cheap whiskey that enhanced my encroaching alzheimers and caused me to forget to back-up the original Affiliate Agendas R Us.  Never-the-less, I did forget and when changing DNS settings decided to change hosts also.

Of course, when I was just starting the process of transferring the old to the new my train of thought ran completely off the rails as I got smitten by “shiny object syndrome.”  For those of you who don’t know what “shiny object syndrome “  is, I will briefly explain. crow_eating_toad

Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is what happens when your attention gets distracted by an interesting event, project or really anything that makes you lose focus on your immediate goals and jump onto something new.  Like the crow  who drops an egg as it plummets to the ground to pick up a piece of shiny foil that attracted it’s attention.

Well, what can I say, but it is  a good program and I’ve already made some money at it.  The bad part was that while I implemented the program and got it rolling, so to speak, my new hosting company outdid themselves efficiency wise and brought Affiliate Agendas R Us to their hosting family.

This would have been great if I had made a backup file of the site to be transferred with  the root.  I didn’t and because I had been neglecting my old site, (it was running on automatic with very little input needed) the old hosting company pretty much said “See Ya,” and closed me out.

So, that’s it,,,pretty lame excuse really, but it’s all I’ve got.  The new Affiliate Agendas R Us will still provide beginning affiliate marketers with great products to help them get started making money online.  I will attempt to create a more responsive format for you all, easier to navigate and with lots of new money making ideas.

I’ve already got some guest bloggers on board who will also be sharing their expertise as well as handy tips and tricks that make marketing a lot easier and loads of fun!  I will be introducing a huge  amount of software with supporting videos that are guaranteed to lighten the load for beginners.

You’ll have to put up with the under construction aspect of this new format, but it will be over with soon enough.  I’d rather take a little longer to build the new Affiliate Agendas R Us with hopes that I can bring the best of the best to all my faithful followers, both of you.


Woodco is a company name derived from my last name, Woodruff. I'm currently on sabbatical from Southern New Hampshire University where I majored in public relations and marketing while I minored in getting into hot and heavy political discussions. I'm also a freelance writer and affiliate marketer/

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