Don’t Be Scared! Be Prepared!

Ever wonder just WTF is going on in the world?  What I mean is more than the various doom and gloom people who are always warning us about the next End Of The World As We Know It event.  While they may have gone a little too far with some of their predictions (Dec. 21, 2012) I think there is more than a grain of truth in what their message is.

With the way the economy is right now, who knows when something major will occur?  Stock Market crash, the end of the “Petro Dollar”, a new bubble bursting in real estate, derivatives or any number of nasty financial  events could bring America’s shaky economy tumbling down.  What would you do if the dollar became worthless tomorrow?stock crash

There’s lots of political posturings and certainly a big rift between the progressive  socialist leanings of the present administration and the traditional family value system of the American heartland.  What would happen if the schism between the two erupted into violence and martial law was declared?  Would you be prepared to sit it out or would you have to rely on the government to save your sorry ass?

Then there’s natural events like earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and blizzards that can easily disrupt the food supply chain and/or force evacuation.  evacuation routeHow about a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that the Earth just happens to be in the path of?  What would you do if the Electric Grid went down?   Another volcano erupting could also halt the supply chain very easily.  What if the Yellowstone  Caldera(s)  blew?  That would cover a good share of the country with feet of ash and make it real tough to go to the grocery store.

There really are many man-made events that could happen without much warning.  For instance, toxic chemical spills, bio-toxin pandemics, terrorist dirty bombs, sabotage or even nuclear war could make forced evacuation a very real possibility.  Are you going to wait around for the government to come to the rescue?  You know how well FEMA handles disasters, Hurricane Katrina is a good example.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for something that might happen without any notice, giving you no time to get your shit together to protect yourself and loved ones.  In other words, to survive and continue life.  It’s a lot better to have camping equipment, a store of food and water and a good plan and not need them than to not have them and need them.        disaster

Comfort Zone Survival Gear is an easy to use Amazon storefront that is being updated constantly with new and relevant to survival items.  There’s no big mark-up like on the survival sites that take advantage of new “preppers.”  Many of those sites sell the same items, but with inflated shipping and handling costs that gouge  the consumer unreasonably.  Most of our products have expedited shipping and/or free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime products.


Sorry, no items were found to display. That could mean that these items are currently not available or that there is a temporary problem.

You could try checking later, or go and search eBay directly.

Another thing you could try is to search

Amazon also guarantees their products and those of their distributors with product warranties and “get your money back if not satisfied” terms.  They sell millions of products annually, but still listen to the individual’s issues.  survival kit

Take a look around Comfort Zone Survival Gear and maybe you’ll find something that would help you and yours in case of a forced evacuation or an event that no one is going to come and save you from.  It never hurts to plan ahead if you care about your quality of life or that of your loved ones.  It really doesn’t take much to make  life a heck of a lot easier in a disaster situation, national emergency or collapse of the supply chain.  You might not always have the Quick-Stop on the corner to go to for dinner, why not have the tools to take care of yourself?



Woodco is a company name derived from my last name, Woodruff. I'm currently on sabbatical from Southern New Hampshire University where I majored in public relations and marketing while I minored in getting into hot and heavy political discussions. I'm also a freelance writer and affiliate marketer/

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